TOWARD THE CAUSE is utilizing visual arts and cultural programs to promote imaginative solutions for global causes, fundraise for their fulfillment, and advocate for social and environmental justice.

Working to ignite participation,

our programs foster YOUTH ENGAGEMENT and INDIVIDUAL EMPOWERMENT through the use of:

Art Exhibitions

Experiential Endeavors

Cultural Events


Connecting causes with cultural and artistic channels which soften their intensity and provide fun and sustainable ways for people to engage.


Keep involved through weekly emails featuring art, inspirational quotes, and educational materials relating to the causes.


Put art on your walls and on your clothing to be a daily reminder of the difference your singular contribution will make in furthering these efforts.

Seen only from an analytical perspective, the overwhelming scope, complexity, and severity of our world’s problems can seem distant and unsurmountable. Often leaving well intentioned individuals, who are motivated to create a difference in the world, detached from an essential contribution: their singular involvement. Seen from a cultural perspective, by being present for programs around arts and culture we create a direction forward and a channel of participation; demonstrating the impact of direct action. Ultimately this empowerment can motivate the engagement so desperately needed to create change in the issues we face as a global community. 

The themes of cultural continuity, the beauty of nature, the enjoyment of arts and music, the enlightenment of knowledge, the imaginative potential of humankind to rise above all obstacles and creatively find solutions will all play a role in amplifying our collective voice so that it may resonate above the profiteers who pay to silence it. Environmentally, those doing the least to contribute to our planet’s demise also have the least influence over the decisions being made impacting our collective futures. Similarly, social issues around gun violence, voter turnout, income disparity, gender inequality, etc have become mere political jargon influenced by greed and used to maintain current power structures. This must change, and the only way to enact that change is to attract citizens’ interest in a playful quest for justice.

Campus outreach, concerts, art exhibitions, vote parties, sporting events, and faith-based coalitions provide a way forward for those desiring to become the change they want to see in the world. Furthermore, by creating new intersections between activism and popular culture, including celebrity engagement as well as charity consumerism we create initiatives that not only build momentum but sustain it through emphasizing the unique privilege of making a difference in the world and the personal fulfillment we receive in return. 

Through the communal power of cultural programs, emotion and feeling are able to triumph the lonely despair of doubt. Art engages our spirit, our senses, and our potential, rising us above complacency and inaction by inspiring the power of individual contribution. We can all relate to the capacity of art, films, music, and performance to transport our consciousness to previously unexplored heights. Leaving us with fleeting ecstatic moments which evolve our perspective and stimulate the growth and development of how we interact with the world and see our surroundings. Being able to expand and sustain these transformative experiences by connecting art with advocacy inspires participants to become active agents of progressive change.

Current Initiatives:

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Hemp is impacting our future for the better. Whether it’s being used as medicine, food, fuel, or as an alternative to plastic.

EARTH ETHICS COALITION is an interfaith based alliance around global issues relating to our social interrelations and shared environmental condition.

Working to create an intersection between consumerism and charity.

Original artwork by artist and activist Taylor Reed Branson is printed with speciality inks. Using a heat press the ink is transferred onto micro-yarn fabric through a die sublimation process. The patterns are cut out and then hand stitched to make bespoke one of a kind garments. No two are alike, just like the people who wear them. Lets make a difference in the world and get rewarded for doing it.

To influence the world, influence the individual.

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